The Chat

#YAlitchat is a weekly twitter chat for anyone involved in the writing, editing, marketing or publishing of Young Adult literature. We welcome readers, librarians, teachers, parents, booksellers, packagers, etc. to engage in discussions concerning the market, craft, the classroom, teens, shelving, content, policy, etc. #YAlitchat takes place at 9PM EST and goes until 10:15PM. Three weeks out of each month there are guided discussions. The remaining week is always an open discussion.

For daily tweets relating to Young Adult literature that may be of interest to our writers, I have started a #YAlitchat Twibe! Our Twibe is a twitter group for #YAlitchat members. Visit to join.

Transcripts for the chats are posted here the next day (or sooner) and a tweet is posted on twitter when the transcript is live. Participants are free to continue chatting past 10:15PM but the official transcript will only go until 10:15PM so as not to require too much time from everyone’s week. There are many other writing/publishing related chats on twitter. @inkyelbows has compiled a list and helpful guide to twitter chats here.